Boy Meets World by Sonnie (Glenn) Wooden - image of zine cover
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Boy Meets World

By Sonnie Wooden
$ 20.00 USD
8x10", 52 pages, black and white, staple bound zine. Shipping included in price for all orders in the US. Please contact for shipping outside of the US.
Project Description

Boy Meets World features the work of Chicago-based photographer and artist, Sonnie Wooden, in collaboration with E. Aaron Ross and MSP to remix Wooden’s book of the same name, including never before seen images.

Rooted in Wooden’s photographs of his family and community in Chicago, for this iteration, Ross acts as editor with Wooden to shift the position of the lens from a documentary perspective to a more mythological one. Highlighting themes of verticality and height, being grounded versus being lifted, birth, death, and ascension—entangling divinity, family, class, race, and desire along the way.

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