Death In The Family

Death in the Family
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Death In The Family

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5x7", 160 pages, full color, perfect bound, soft cover. $5 shipping for all orders in the US. International orders cost more. Contact for a bulk discount. Please contact for assistance.
Project Description

Death in the Family is a collection of images obtained through an open call for photos of the death of a loved one. The book contains 160 pages (color and b+w) from 39 selected participants. Submissions are sequenced chronologically according to where their loved one was in the process of dying at the time the image was made. As a result, often an individual’s photos are spread into multiple parts of the book, and where one submission ends another begins, with each helping to tell the other’s story.

By providing participants the space for memorial while also weaving them together, the book tells a single larger narrative and pays homage to the often lonely but universal experience that is the death of a loved one. Acknowledging death as both an event and a process that extends well before and beyond the moment itself. While it is a book about loss, it also about life, love, family, community, transition, and connection. Thank you to the selected participants and all who submitted.

Participants include: Meredith Adelaide, Anne van de Pals, Christopher Armstrong, Mehdi Babadi, Michael Bach, Samuel Lang Budin, Jacalyn Carley, Peter Christian, Daniel Derajinski, Mir Finkelman, Brittany Fleck, Annie Frame, Lane Fujita, Brianna Hernandez, Annabel Hope, Apollinaria Ilina, Lovisa Ingman, Stephen Joyce, Megan Kelly, Mark Kent, Aellon Krider, De Kwok, Andrew D. McClees, Carisa Mitchell, Virginia Morrison, Wun Kuen Ng, Ilja Niederkirchner, Madeline Park, Joana Patricia, Chim Pohl, Masha Pryven, Larry Racioppo, Dany Del Pino Rodriguez, E Aaron Ross, Emily Shanny, Dafna Steinberg, Kayla Stone, Anastasia Tach, Neal Taylor, and Amaury Wenger.

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