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Death in the Family

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Extended Deadline
: December 5th‍

As artists and photographers, turning off the desire to document important moments in our life is probably easier said than done, even when it might not be fully appropriate or welcomed. Images you weren’t sure you should take but also couldn’t bring yourself to delete.

We are looking for images of (or related to) the death of a loved one. This could be their funeral, wake, headstone, cause of death, site of death, remains, casket, memorial service, selfie in funeral clothes, etc. Open to interpretation.

These images will be compiled into a group zine titled Death in The Family. A free issue of the zine will be sent to each chosen contributor, with additional zines available for purchase at cost.

To apply, please email 1 to 6 images along with your name, date (or year) the image was taken, and title or brief description that you’d like to include (limit to 10 words or less please). This information may appear below the image, or possibly in an index at the end of the zine. Feel free to reach out with questions.

Images should be sent in high-res (full resolution), although do not need to be of the highest quality if they are of significance. Video stills, for example, would also be considered acceptable.
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